Why Trividhya

Why Trividhya

The worship (puja) of Shri yantra or Shri chakra through Tri Shakti Energies is known as Shri Tri Vidhya. It invokes all the deities present in Shri Chakra along with Tri Shakti Deities.

One who masters Tri Vidhya will be enriched with highest spiritual awakening and blessings of The Supreme Divine Energy. It is upto the aspirant on the intention of achieved blessings from Tri Vidhya but one has to note that it can be used only for the benefit of humankind since any harmful effects have been eternally blocked by Rudraji ShivShaktiji personally (even after leaving his physical body). Due to high intensity spiritual power generated from Tri Vidhya one needs to be initiated by approved realized master and unconditionally follow rules of the lineage with dignity and respect.

Usually Shri Chakra puja focuses on Shri Lalitha Maha-Tripura Sundari, which is one representation of Shakti out of the ten Shakti representations collectively called as Das-Mahavidhyas. With Tri Vidhya initiated process the intention is to obtain blessings of all the Das-Mahavidhyas along with Tri Shakti Energies, hence the extreme nature and most beneficial results.

Tri Vidhya worship (puja) process protects, nourishes and liberates anyone who performs with great devotion and faith along with good deeds (karmas).

In short, Shri Tri Vidhya is a modern tool to hack Spirituality and attain Moksha (liberation) so one can rather spend time living their social lives.