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Tri Vidhya Workshop™

Tri Vidhya Workshop™

Tri Vidhya Workshop

We all live our lives differently. Many times we miss opportunities to understand and implement the right tools of life transformation and thereby delay the process of being happy and satisfied in life. Unfortunately, we often neglect and undermine good opportunities because of concerns of money and/or mistrust. And because of these and many other unknown reasons we understand your hesitation. Hence, we are bringing this effort of Tri Vidhya workshop, which is an event to understand the Tri Vidhya system of spirituality.

The registration is totally free and anyone can attend this workshop.

Our intent is to provide you an opportunity to grow Spiritually, bring abundance and prosperity in life and excel in life. ​

Tri Vidhya workshop is sponsored and made available directly by our founder, Shri Rudraji.

Light refreshments will be provided along with Tea, Coffee, Juice.

How can you benefit from our unconditional effort:

Get spiritually healed (first 10).

Understand how can you be more prosperous in life.

Participate in Shri Kriya and Shri Meditation (short process).
Learn basics of Shri Chakra.
Ask questions.

Our aim is to make you life ready, vigilant and Spiritually inclined so you can avert from any life situations and enjoy life.