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Trividhya Sadhana™

Trividhya Sadhana™

Trividhya Sadhana

Tri Vidhya sadhana is one self-realization tool you will ever need for Life Transformation, Liberation (Moksha) and manifesting your Life Desires and Total Life Satisfaction. All the power of Vedic Deities are induced in the Tri Vidhya system. It provides Peace, generates self-love, provides self- increases self-resistance.

It is influx of a Mega Energy created with the ultimate union of three energies – Jagadambe Suluni-Durgaji, Sharabheswar Shivji & Sri Pratyangira Kaliji. The form of Jagadambe Suluni-Durgaji incorporates nine (nav) Durga’s and Kaaliji incorporates ten (das) Maha-Shaktis within her. And the form of Sri Pratyangira and Sharabheswar Shivji are distinct Ugra representations of the Divine Energy which has the capacity to provide the most protection from negativity and most blessings.

In Tri Vidhya Puja system you also worship God Ganesha, God Surya, and God Vishnu along with Jagadambe Suluni-Durgaji, Sharabheswar Shivji & Sri Pratyangira Kaliji. 

Tri Vidhya Sadhana comprises of:

Benefits and aim of Tri Vidhya Sadhana are:

To summarise, it provides a robust platform to be Stress Free, Energy Active, Healthy, Wealthy, Peaceful & Blissful.

Shri Levels of Tri Vidhya Sadhana:

Beginner Level

Advanced Level

Special Level