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Tri Vidhya Mantra™

Tri Vidhya Mantra™

Tri Vidhya Mantra

Tri Vidhya Mantra is a uniquely created mantra to appease all the Gods and Goddesses within Shri Meru Yantra or Shri Chakra. It is the one option with which you can liberate yourself without spending too time away from social life. It provides the breakaway from traditional practices or rituals. The Divine permitted this worship to appease people with having a fast life yet desperate to receive The Divine unconditional blessings.


Tri Vidhya Mantra was formulated by Shri Rudraji through The Divine guidance and not available by anyone else to initiate others. It is a very sacred mantra through life can be transformed and destiny can be altered. A sincere and dedicated approach would reap limitless Spiritual benefits. However, one cannot use the power to use selfish gains and to punish others. It is a Sattvik mantra with an intention to Destroy Negativity and Defeat Ignorance.

Requirements for Tri Vidhya Mantra Initiation:

To initiated into Tri Vidhya one must adhere to strict Spiritual discipline of good karma, honesty, kindness, self love, self care and serve others by seeing God in them.


Practice Spirituality & believe in Oneness of God.


Value Vedic traditional processes.


Appreciate and believe in the initiation process from heart otherwise there will be no effect or positive changes in life.


Should have performed either Shri Meditation or Shri Kriya for at least one year.


Should have been approved by Shri Rudraji to receive the initiation.