Shri Meditation

Shri Meditation (Prosperity Meditation)

Shri Meru (or Shri Maha Meru Chakra), is a three-dimensional sacred instrumental projection of Shri Yantra. It is known as the “Mother of all Mandalas”. It is the communion of all Divine Energies and all traditions. It is the key to unlock all doors of life providing abundance of Divine wisdom and comforting all aspects of life.
Anyone can perform Shri Meditation without the yantra being charged or blessed. One can always charge through their soul power. However if you are expecting extreme positive results and divine wisdom one needs to perform with guidance from a realized spiritual master.
Whenever we charge the Yantra it holds intense spiritual energy thousands of times stronger in magnitude and frequency. Before an aspirant will be provided with charged\blessed Shri Meru Yantra he\she will be initiated into Tri Vidhya Meditation a.k.a Shri Meditation or Prosperity Meditation.