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Shri Kriya™

Shri Kriya™

Shri KriyaTM

Shri Kriya is the Gem of Spirituality. It is fueled by the most potent and vibrant unconditional prosperity generating energy. It enlighten you from within without much time and effort. It’s an option with which one can transcend Spiritually faster as compared to other Spirituality tools. It attracts abundance, good luck and wealth. It is a boon giver.

The initiated mantra was created by Shri Rudraji through guidance of The Divine.

The initiation includes Mantra initiation along with Spiritual guidance to propel your Soul, Mind & Body towards Limitless Spirituality™.
* Shri Kriya can also be performed with any other Spiritual tools offered by our organization.

Shri Kriya can be practiced by anyone from any belief system background. And there are no requirements as such, other than performing joyfully and dedicatedly. The uniqueness of Shri Kriya is that it strengthens your respiratory system, while connecting with the Supreme Divine Energy to be more conscious, energized and balanced.

It consists of two parts, rhythmic breathing and mantra chanting.