Shri Chakra Yantra

Shri Chakra Yantra

Shri Chakra Yantra

Shri Meru or Shri Chakra is a very sacred instrument\device\tool (Yantra) that reflects a human body, mind and soul. It is known as The Yantra Raj, “The King of all Yantras”.

Shri Meru or Shri Chakra yantra respents 43 subtle energy centers present in a human body. Whenever these 43 subtle energy centers are clean, balanced and positively charged they work cohesively to strengthen designated part of the body and aid in functionality of all bodily systems. Hence, having them out of focus or cluttered with impurities will be detrimental for any living body to assert necessary bodily desires. Worshipping Shri Meru\Shri Chakra with Tri Vidhya process all of these 43 subtle energy centers gets cleansed, balanced & positively charged making an aspirant excel in all directions in life according to their karma (deeds) cycle.

Anyone can perform Shri Chakra Puja without the yantra being charged or blessed. One can always charge through their soul power. However if you are expecting extreme positive results and divine wisdom one needs to perform with guidance from a realized spiritual master. Whenever we charge\blesses the Yantra with Tri Shakti Energies the Yantra holds intense spiritual energy thousands of times stronger in magnitude and frequency. Before an aspirant will be provided with charged\blessed Shri Yantra he\she will be initiated into Tri Vidhya practice.

When you worship Shri Yantra or Shri Meru Yantra overtime it stimulates the pineal gland (an important ally for intuition & spiritual wellbeing), commonly referred as “3rd Eye Chakra or Ajna Chakra”. And this stimulation increases the alpha brain wave activity ultimately opening your third eye and become a self-realized being.

Many people place Shri Meru or Shri Yantra in the place of worship, business, home, etc. to receive continuous emission of divine cosmic energies. Many research study have shown powerful vibrations emitted from Sri Yantra\Meru Yantra. Mercury, Panchdhatu (Bronze), Silver and Gold Sri Yantras have shown more energy emission. It is indeed essential to get the Sri Chakra or Sri Yantra with highest perfection for high quality results. And since Sri Yantra relates to cosmic ray theory, evidence shows anyone can get benefit irrespective of their birth religion.

  • 1st Circle (Avarna) – contains 3 inner circles with 4 gateways
  • 2nd Circle (Avarna) – contains 16 lotus petals – Gives Fulfillment
  • 3rd Circle (Avarna) – contains 8 lotus petals – Overcoming Agitations
  • 4th Circle (Avarna) – contains 14 triangles – Gives Fortune
  • 5th Circle (Avarna) – contains 10 triangles – Gives Nourishment
  • 6th Circle (Avarna) – contains 10 triangles – Gives Protection
  • 7th Circle (Avarna) – contains 8 triangles – Cures diseases
  • 8th Circle (Avarna) – contains 1 triangle – Gift Achievements
  • 9th Circle (Avarna) – contains Bindu – Divine Bliss

Shri Yantra Meditation is one of the fastest way to experience serenity, bliss (anada) and communion with The Supreme Divine Energy. It is a very unique way to establish and maintain connection to The Supreme Divine Energy.

  • To self correct the Aura of an individual.
  • To self correct Vastu Defects.
  • To clean a place of unwanted interference of energy.
  • To increase happiness and contentment.
  • To reach one’s goal in life.
  • To increase the concentration power of the brain.
  • Protection from negativities.