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We offer three seminars to choose from depending on your interest.

Spirituality & Science

Discover how spirituality can transform science.

Shri Chakra​

Shri Chakra Puja is an essential spiritual journey for the seekers of Tri Vidhya system of spirituality. It has many intricate details that one needs to understand along with step by step processes. Learn the methods of Shri Chakra and how it can provide Limitless Spirituality and empower your life with abundance.

Tri Vidhya System

Tri Vidhya provides the robust way to worship many divine energies through a converged process and receive their collective blessings. It also provides the necessary enhancement to the Shri Chakra Puja. Come and learn the Tri Vidhya system and know more about Shri Kriya and Shri Meditation first hand.