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We offer segregation from fortified ancient rituals and provide opportunity to spirituality seekers to gain immense spiritual wisdom, inter-galactic truth, & wordily prosperity.

Trividhaya Mantra Diksha
Attract Abundance,
Prosperity & Wealth
Gain Self-Confidence,
Self-Respect and Self-Awareness
Gain Self-Confidence,
Self-Respect and Self-Awareness
Desires into Reality
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No time for pooja, but your intent is pure and devoted.

What to be Blissful and enjoy life?

Too many gods, which one is better for me...?

Tri Vidhya is all about Personal, Business, & Prosperity transformation!

There are many tools and methods for Spiritual upliftment and Life transformation.
It is irrelevant on which one is the best, it all depends on towards which path your inner urge drives you the most.

You do need to perform conscious research to understand the most beneficial method or tool in the most complacent manner. And gradually it will lead to the Spiritual outcome your Soul is desiring. Some of the paths we teach are Yoga, Karma and Bhakti. While both Yoga and Karma are more extrinsic Bhakti is more intrinsic path. All of these three paths are intertwined with one another at the core however one should choose their desired path and later on rest of the paths will be understood through wisdom.

Tri Vidhya is a unique sacred way to ideally worship ancient Vedic deities without any prior requirements like Guru parampara, caste obligations, belief systems & religious barriers. In this present world, Kalyug, anyone with Devotion and Bhakti can get initiated into the most intense & fruitful way of worship to liberate our their soul. Only the chosen souls will be enlightened and liberated breaking the cycle of rebirth. And those who are destined to follow Tri Vidhya will certainly do so indefinitely.


Transform your Prosperity, Transform your Destiny,
& Transform your Life with Royal Shri Rudraji.

There are nine (Nav) well known Durgas
corresponding to Nine Maha-Shaktis

Shailaputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayini, Kaalratri, Mahagauri and Siddhidhatri.

There are ten(Das) well known Kaalis
corresponding to Ten Maha-Vidhyas

Kaali, Tara, Maha-Tripurasundari, Bhuvaneshwari, Bhairavi, Chinnmastika, Baglamukhi, Dhumavati, Matangi, & Kamala.


Tri Vidhya Sadhana

The Faster & Fruitful Way to Gain Continuous Divine Blessings.

Durga Saptasati

The Faster & Fruitful Way to Gain Divine Blessings Within Days.

Power Of All Vedic Deities

It is an influx of a Mega Energy created with the ultimate union of three energies – Jagadambe Suluni-Durgaji, Sharabheswar Shivji & Sri Pratyangira Kaliji. The form of Jagadambe Suluni-Durgaji incorporates nine (nav) Durga’s and Kaaliji incorporates ten (das) Maha-Shaktis within her. And the form of Sri Pratyangira and Sharabheswar Shivji are distinct Ugra representations of the Divine Energy.

Tri Vidhya detailed puja starts with worshiping Ganeshji, Suryaji, Vishnuji, Jagadambe Suluni-Durgaji, Sharabheswar Shivji, & Pratyangiraji.

Tri Vidhya is a puja system involving worship of all Vedic deities along with Sri Pratyangira & Sharabheswar Shivji.


Achieve Blissfulness at the highest level

Confluence of all Vedic God & Goddess

Blessings from the Divine Energy

Protection from Negative Energy

Dissolve your Bad Karmas

Worship Das-Maha-Vidhya & Nav-Durgas Goddess

Worship Sharabheswar Shivji & Vishnu Narsimhaji

Worship Shri Pratyangira-Kali & Shri Suluni-Durga

Follow ancient rituals to please Panch-Devatas

Awaken Third Eye Intuition Power

Tri Vidhya Mantra Diksha

Attract Abundance,
Prosperity & Wealth

Gain Self-Confidence,
Self-Respect and Self-Awareness

Become Vibrant,
Vigilant & Life-ready

Desires into Reality

Monthly Spiritual Seva Plan

1 Month


2 Month


3 Month


*Spiritual Diksha Desk is your support center where you will receive guided answers to Spirituality questions.

Tri Vidhya Meditation

Shri Meditation / Prosperity Meditation

Reduces Stress

Controls Anxiety

Helps Fight Addictions

Promotes Emotional Health

Generates Kindness

Improves Sleep

Helps Control Pain

Enhances Self-Awareness

Attracts Abundance, Prosperity & Wealth

Provides Calmness,
Peace & Tranquility

Gives Self-Confidence, Self-Respect & Self-Awareness

Submerges you into Divine Ocean of Unlimited Divinity


Tri Vidhya is a system of spirituality in which one has to establish a connection through their soul, worship Tri Shakti energies and follow a dedicated guided process to be self-realized, enlightened and blissful.

Tri Shakti is a union of three divine energies – Durga, Shiv and Kaali. Tri Shakti Energy is also known as Tri Energies™ that represent The Divine.

Shri Chakra Puja is a sacred, ancient method of spirituality to worship Kameshwara (Shiv) and Kameshwari (Shakti) and millions of other deities. It is a robust and systematic solution to connect and appreciate millions of divine energies. It has a systematic process to approach, connect and appease these energies so that you can transcend upwards Spiritually and receive abundance.

Shri Lalitha Tripura Sundari is the female aspect of the divine energy also known as Shakti (or Parvati, wife of God Shiv). This form is known for being more playful and is one of the Das-Mahavidhya forms of Shakti.

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